Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Marvel's September solicitations just came out, and I'm psyched to report that BIG HERO 6 is one of the brand new titles making its debut this month:

I get the strangest feeling whenever I see my own project on a list like this, and it's exactly that feeling you get when you're on a roller coaster and the cart's slowly climbing to the top of the first big hill.

You know the ride's about to start rolling at 100 mph, and you're sort of bracing yourself in anticipation.

When I see a solicitation come out, it's a reminder that yeah, this book is coming out at a set time, and it's definitely not going to draw itself! I guess I feel equal parts motivated and terrified. :)

Anyway, BH6 #1 drops in September, and though I'm done drawing the first issue, that still leaves another 88 pages to worry about. Better get crackin'!

BIG HERO SIX #1 Cover.
Pencils and inks: Me.
Colors: Emily Warren.

BIG HERO SIX #1 Variant Cover.
Pencils and inks: Me.
Colors: Emily Warren.

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