Friday, June 27, 2008

BIG HERO 6 Update!

The MARVEL PREVIEWS catalogue came out this week, so now you can preorder comics that ship in September--yay! So if the spirit moves you to buy...oh, I dunno...50 copies of BIG HERO SIX #1, you can actually do that now. :)

What's that you say, Brangelina? 50's not enough for your growing brood of international adoptees? Well, don't let me stop you--by all means, order more! That's a win-win for everybody.

Back to reality for a minute, the order code's JUL082271 in case you want to lock in a copy at your local comic store.

But don't let the Pitt-Jolies hoard 'em all--act now!!

Cover of Marvel Previews, and the BIG HERO 6 solicitation on page 18.

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